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Example : The Advantages of VS-PACK 
Precondition of the estimate
Size of Package : 1000x1000x1000 (mm)
Storage period : 120days
Package Specification : Aluminum barrier bag   (humidity permeation degree 0.1g/㎡)
Delivery condition :Export (passing Equator)

ESTIMATION : Conventional Method

Method 1 Adopting Silica-gel, Cray (desiccant)
The amount of the necessary desiccant : 250-350g
Anticorrosion mechanism : To eliminate humidity
(maintaining humidity below 50%RH)

Method 2 Adopting anticorrosion inhibitor
Using volatile corrosion inhibitor Anticorrosion mechanism : To protect  the surface of the metal product from oxigen cotact  by a corrosion preventive thin layer.

At The shipment by large size packaging ,sometimes unanticipated humidity flows into the package.

  In Case Desiccant humidity absorption capacity may be  saturated and It will be a reason of dew concentration occurrence.

  In Case Corrosion preventive thin layer would be peeled off  from the surface of metal by repeatedly occurrence of dew concentration

Required Numbers of VS-PACK   : Only 2pcs of 60g/ pack

1. Initial anticorrosion function :
Desiccant eliminates humidity from inside the package before corrosion preventive thin layer would be made 

2. Secondry anticorrosion function :
Corrosion preventive thin layer covers on metal surface.  

3. Maintaining  anticorrosional atmosphere :
Desiccant maintains appropriate humidity level to prevent occurrence of dew concentration.

Instruction and directions for use
Barrier package is necessary
VS-PACK should be placed upward of package. In case more than 2pcs of VS-PACK is used in the package, each VS-PACKs should be placed as far as possible.

Other anticorrosion products
Anticorrosion Package, Paper,Film ,and Aluminum barriar sheet/bag are available.

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